Why did you pick Berry Hill Farm in Summit Point, WV?

If you’ve joined us in West Virginia previously, you’ve experienced the synergy between All Good and Wild & Wonderful WV. Summit Point in particular encompasses serene natural beauty and delivers the perfect backdrop to celebrating music.  Berry Hill Farm is close enough to make it convenient for many and far enough to create the get-away everyone deserves.  The layout of the farm offers comfortable and safe camping surrounded by active farmland and mountains upon the horizon. The concert venue, centrally located to the camping areas, provides a natural amphitheater setting where the sound will be fan-tastic. The farmer doesn’t know exactly what he’s getting into, but we imagine he’ll be pleasantly surprised in the end. We realize land is just land until you add the magic of family, friends and music to complete the festive transformation. Come join us at All Good and add to the amazing experience of the whole.


Expect good and simple camping on a grassy knoll with fellow music lovers. On-site provisions will include:

• Day Parking
• Car camping
• RV & RV Companion parking 
• ATMs
• Serviced port-a-johns,
• Designated water stations
• First aid medical unit
• Children's activities area for kids 12 and under
• Play-shops for adults
• Shower trailers (for a nominal fee)
• Ice, Food concessions, Arts & Crafts, and Camp supplies will be available for sale from official vendors. Please do not buy from unregistered vendors.

Concert Bowl - Our favorite aspect of this new site is the concert bowl.  We have excavated it into the best bowl that we have ever had. The rolling mountains in the backdrop, the natural grade of the land and the bowl affect will maximize the sound of your favorite bands and the experience with your favorite friends. We can't wait to share it with you.

No electricity or public phones are available.

Click Here for What To Bring

This is a rain or shine event.


Gate Hours operate from Thursday, July 9th 11:00 AM to Sunday, July 12th 11:00 AM (that's 72 hours) and will remain open 24-7. 

So, Where's Everything?

All the music, food vendors, crafters, and ice will be a few hundred yards distance from each other in the main concert area, and auxiliary vendor villages will be located in the camping areas.


Parking for passenger vehicles is included in the ticket price to better facilitate a quicker entrance into event, however, if and when possible. (RV's and busses require an extra fee. See the RV and extra services section) Please be patient and STAY IN YOUR CAR until you have received your wristband and are parked. In the best interest of public safety, there will be No Vehicle Re-Entry into the main camping areas.  If you want to leave and return to the festival, you may park in day parking near gate 1 and hike your gear into the woods.  

For Family Camping information see the Family Camping Section 

Exit / Re-Entry

Exit and re-entry is possible Friday or after traffic clears on Thursday however we cannot guarantee access to the same parking space. Due to traffic patterns and many circumstances beyond our control it is very likely you will not be able to park in the same spot. We highly recommend that you don't try to leave Thursday as we can almost guarantee your same parking spot will be gone. As it is a large festival you will be routed in by traffic or parking patterns to the next available parking space available during that time. 

Returning To Site

In the best interest of public safety, there will be No Vehicle Re-Entry into the main GA camping areas. If you want to leave and return to the festival, you may park in DAY PARKING near Gate 1 and walk your gear back to your spot. Ask your parking or Box Office attendant for directions today parking at Gate 1. No worries, we will have everything you could possibly need on site: (see Amenities) if you need it, you can find it on site.

What was the original inspiration behind the birth of the All Good Festival?

My main goal when I got into the festival business was to carry on the vibe and tradition that I found in the lots of the Grateful Dead and the community surrounding them. It truly was a magical time and a time that changed my life and many many others forever. I did nothing more rewarding then when the communal energy is spiraling at all good and the faces in the crowd are gleaming of joy and oneness. Thank you so much for being a part of it.

-Tim Walther

VIP Information

Even Better

Our EVEN BETTER guests will be treated to 3 full days of fun, plus performances Thursday July 9th  through Saturday July 11th, food, arts & crafts, car camping at no charge. The VIP lounge overlooks the main concert area and then some. Your package will include:

• Expedited VIP Check-In and entrance to camping.

• Exclusive VIP entrance to the festival grounds.  No waiting in long lines!

• VIP camping located near the concert field.

• New! VIP Stage Viewing Area at the front of the stage with exclusive beer & food vendor access!

• Lucky Cat Lounge in festival grounds.  An elevated viewing area with:

         • Great views of the stage.

         • Plenty of room to dance, relax, and hang out!

         • VIP bar access with a variety of beer.

         • Complimentary water, soda, juices, & snacks

• Exclusive VIP showers and air conditioned bathrooms in the Even Better Camping Area.

• Even Better Camping Lounge complete with coffee every morning.  Daily workshops including yoga. Ice Sales/ATM & more!

• All Good 2015 Laminate and Goodie Bag when you arrive!

• VIP Day Parking for folks who want to come for the day.

Pick up for all VIP wristbands and parking passes is at an Off-Site Check In. Event Staff at the gates will not have the wristbands and parking credentials that are required to access VIP Camping Area and you will be redirected to off-site check in.

Even Better Kids

Must be accompanied by an adult with an Even Better Pass.

Admission must be purchased for all children ages 4 and up.


Discounted rates apply.

• Access Even Better camping area with accompanied adult
• Children 0-3, FREE
• Children 4-12, **$200 per child in advance, $250 at the gate.
• Children 13+, Full Price. 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to receive the advance price. NOTE: You must have proof of purchase (confirmation number) of an adult Even Better Pass to register your child. Pick up for all VIP wristbands and parking passes is at an Off-Site Check In. Event Staff at the gates will not have the wristbands and parking credentials that are required to access VIP Camping Area and you will be redirected to off-site check in.

Even Better RV

A limited number of EVEN BETTER RV tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you plan on bringing an RV, you must purchase an EVEN BETTER RV ticket or your RV will not be allowed into the EVEN BETTER RV area.

SPECIAL NOTE: Everyone traveling in an EVEN BETTER car or EVEN BETTER RV must have an EVEN BETTER ticket. We cannot allow cars into the EVEN BETTER camping area unless all passengers are in possession of the proper credentials.

Pick up for all VIP wristbands and parking passes is at an Off-Site Check In. Event Staff at the gates will not have the wristbands and parking credentials that are required to access VIP Camp and you will be redirected to off-site check in.

ADA Patrons

Accommodations are available for ADA Patrons. Registration is required and a State issued ADA permit must be presented to access this area. An All Good Festival ticket purchase is required to pre-register for ADA Camping at no charge. There will be ADA accessible port-a-johns in the concert grounds. There are no stairs to access concert and camping area, however the roads are not paved. NO RV's are permitted in this area. Assistance is available into concert area upon request at the main Concert Gate Click to register

ADA patrons will be processed onsite at gate 2. Please register in advance and bring the "Print at Home" parking pass to gate 2.

Family Camping

Camping with kids 12 & under, Specialty Family Camping


There will be limited capacity designated "FAMILY CAMPING" for Families with Kids 12. And under and a designated Kids Play Zone with a schedule of activities available for families with children under 12. For Kids Play Zone, please inquire at gate for map of play area. We understand that camping with small children requires special needs and that is why we provide the Kids under 12 Family Camping Area. This area is restricted to parents or families with young children ONLY because space is also very limited. Only passenger cars with children under 12 can use this space. (No RVs, Pop-Up Trailers or Campers In Tow) You cannot utilize this area unless you have a small child in the car with you. RV's must use the designated RV section. Please plan accordingly. A map is available on site and will be offered at the Gate upon entry. There is no charge for Family Camping.

Kids Tickets are available at the Main Gate for those just wanting to stay in the General Admission area. Families that pre-register online can purchase tickets when arriving and checking in at the Off Site location for their special entrance and camping.

Attention Parents

Tickets must be purchased for all children over 3.

Discounted rates apply:

Children 0-3 - FREE

Children 4-12 - $85 per child for a 3-day kids festival pass. Camping at no charge (if you register in advance -  Click to register for Family Camping. $110 at the gate. 

Children 13 and up - Full Price.

For pre-registered children you will be charged $85 at the Gate and child must be present. If you do not pre-register, each child from 4-12 years of age will be charged $110.

Please note we do not offer babysitting. Your child(ren) are your sole responsibility. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Family Camping. 


We want our festivals to be as comfortable and safe as possible for all festivarians attending our events. We are visitors on this land and to this region. What you do as an individual impacts the whole, and your conduct really does make a difference. We want you to have fun, enjoy good music and fellowship, and as anywhere Rules Apply and are enforced. In the interest of attending a safe, peaceful music gathering and to ensure continued local community support, we ask that you take efforts to be a part of a healthy community.

Consider the whole event, and please observe the following simple rules:


• Respect your neighbor.
• Come with Ticket or Money for Festival Pass: Do not arrive empty handed.
• All general car, tent & RV patrons can visit each other's camping areas. 
• Mind your stuff. Venue and promoter are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items. Keep valuables in locked car and plan meeting places with your friends.
• NO Glass Bottles: Broken Glass sucks. Do not bring glass bottles as they are subject to confiscation.
• NO Violence/or Weapons: Aggressive conduct towards festival patrons or staff will result in immediate ejection from event.
• NO Box trucks.
• NO Personal Ground Fires or Tiki Torches.
• NO fire pits or grills.
• NO Fireworks or explosives: You don't want to hurt yourself or be responsible for a forest fire.
• NO EZ-Ups or shade tents along pathways and walkways: These are for official All Good Vendors only
• NO Unregistered Vending: Selling of ANYTHING to anyone without prior vendor permit is prohibited.
• NO Dogs or Pets: No exceptions. Leave your pets at home. Abandoning your pet or tree tying is unacceptable!
• NO Unregistered Vending: Selling of ANYTHING to anyone without prior vendor permit is prohibited.
• NO Under Age Drinking
• Keep the Scene Clean: Please clean up your area during and after your stay. Recycle centers, trash containers and trash bags are readily available.
• Do Not Buy from unregistered vendors: Please help us with this problem.
• ** NO NITROUS - All Good Festival strictly prohibits any use of or sales of Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous and the criminal element that tends to sell Nitrous at this type of an event is a virus to our community. We ask you, the average fan, to think twice before supporting this virus that is eating away at our lovely community
• ** NO illegal substances
• NO Bikes, motorized vehicles (mopeds, ATVs, golf carts, scooters)
• NO Refunds Or Exchanges or Cancellations

RV's & Buses Welcome

RV's & BUSES are welcome. Purchase of a ticket for RV/Bus permit is required and must accompany a General Admission Festival Pass. RV parking is located in a zoned, level section next to Gate 2. If your vehicle is not an RV, bus or pop-up trailer, it cannot park in the RV section. Primitive RV parking. No hookups, no dumping stations, or electricity. RV section is available on a first come basis, and spaces cannot be guaranteed. Box trucks are not permitted. No exceptions. Tents can only be pitched in RV area if contained in the marked designated space assigned to your lot. For more info see the FAQ on RV parking.


All Good Festival allows audio recording of our event. A Tapers section will be provided with limited area, first come, until full basis. Soundboard patches are NOT PERMITTED. Please be self-sufficient (bring your own batteries & power) and be respectful of patrons and sound crew. At any time, All Good Festival may change, modify or close the taper section without warning if problems arise. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2015 All Good Music Festival. 

Unregistered vending, blanket vending, or walk-up selling is strictly prohibited.


For General questions about All Good, please check out our FAQ page. For VIP questions about All Good, please check out our Even Better FAQ.